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Cardinal Aquatech Pools, Designing & Building Award winning pools since 1959. Family owned and operated through three generations. Cardinal's achievements include a retail store with all your pool care and recreational supplies, including accessories, chemicals, and parts. Cardinal Aquatech is an authorized Sundek dealer since 1986. From the service department, prompt and knowledgeable professionals are available to handle all your pool needs. We offer a weekly pool cleaning service, repair of existing equipment, and upgrading your equipment. With quality service as their main goal, the staff is experienced and ready to help. Cardinal Aquatech Pools also specializes in complete Pool renovations including re-tile, plaster, coping and concrete services.

Cardinal Aquatech Pools, by joining the network of Aquatech builders, belongs to a society of the nation's pool building elite. This prestigious alliance offers the opportunity to share the latest design techniques and technological innovations with you. Our nationwide network is committed to providing peace of mind through the highest level of customer satisfaction, shaping your pool dreams into reality.

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We Specialize In:

  • Install Inground Concrete Pools
  • Pool Renovations
  • Sundek Concrete Surfaces
  • Complete Retail Store
  • Full Maintenance & Service Departments
  • In ground
  • Concrete Finishing
  • Masonry Effects on brick, tile, and stone
  • Texture Effects
  • Concrete Resurfacing of Pool Decks, Patios, Walks, Driveways

An Oklahoma City Pool Company: Making that Backyard Pool a Reality

One luxury most home owners dream of is a backyard pool. Picture a pool custom-designed just for you and your family, right in your own backyard. You can have an endless amount of fun without having to worry about money! A professional Oklahoma City pool company, Cardinal AquaTech Pools, can construct a pool that is as flexible as your imagination and lifestyle, and which fits in your budget. A backyard pool can make your home stand apart from surrounding homes and increase the resale value of your property too.

There are quite a few benefits of having a backyard pool. The best part is that you can swim in it whenever you want. You can use your pool to swim laps, throw a party or just relax after a hard day’s work. An Oklahoma City pool company can build you a new backyard pool in no time. The installation is expertly performed. The cost depends on the type and size of pool you want.

A Pool of Your Choice with An Oklahoma City Pool Company

A good Oklahoma City pool company will construct a pool based on things such as placement, size, shape and the accessories you need in the pool. When building an in-ground pool it should be located on a sunny and slightly elevated area to naturally warm the pool prevent run-off from contaminating the water. No matter the type of pool you install, it should be away from wires, sewers lines and septic tanks.
The professionals of an Oklahoma City pool company will take care of all small details like installing a set of pool steps or ladder and providing non-skid hand rails.

Decide on the purpose of your pool before determining its shape and size. If you enjoy playing pool games, you should select a conventional rectangular or oval shape. An L shaped pool is best if you want your kids to have a separate kiddie area for them to swim and play. You may also choose a kidney shaped pool or a free form pool. A knowledgeable Oklahoma City pool company, Cardinal AquaTech Pools, can build any pool you want. The only limiting factor is the space you have.

Oklahoma City pool company, Cardinal AquaTech Pools, can help you select the right kind of liner for your pool. We'll let you know if a fiberglass pool or concrete pool is right for you or not.

Cardinal AquaTech Pools, an Oklahoma City pool company, will also discuss safety options for your pool. Pool covers, alarms and fences are all options to creating a safe environment around your pool to protect your loved ones and pets. Pool covers are made from nylon or vinyl and can be operated manually or automatically. If you have children or pets you should not have a pool without a safety cover. It helps avoid accidents and prevents debris from blocking the filter and contaminating the water. Your pool’s efficiency can be improved by a solar cover, which heats the water and stops evaporation.

Pool Maintenance with An Oklahoma City Pool Company

Building a pool is not just about digging a hole in your backyard and filling it up with water. There are quite a few things that go into keeping your pool clean and appealing, like design, construction and maintenance. Your pool can look brand new and well-maintained for years if you perform regular cleaning and service. As with everything, your pool needs ongoing care.

A skilled Oklahoma City pool maintenance company recommends the right balance of chemicals in your pool through regular maintenance - either by yourself or a professional pool cleaning service. Your swimwear can be bleached and your skin and hair damaged if the chemicals are too strong. Not strong enough and your pool will be full of bacteria and algae. Maintaining the acid and chlorine levels in the water is paramount. Regular maintenance can also tackle the cloudy water problem right at the start. It is often an indication of something more serious, like deteriorating pool finish. As your Oklahoma City pool company, we suggest finding a reliable company to maintain your pool properly.

A well constructed and maintained swimming pool has no equal. The pristine and sparkling water of your pool will always be inviting. Your family can have long hours of fun and entertainment. It could be your opportunity to shape up. Installing a swimming pool is a major investment. Call the experts from Cardinal AquaTech Pools, a premier Oklahoma City pool company, to get the most advanced equipment and technology.

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We want to thank you guys For our pool and your service. When I was a boy one of my best friends On my street had a pool put in by Cardinal. That was about 1975.It says something that 35 years later You guys at Cardinal are still going strong. We have really enjoyed our outdoor pool And hot tub. It has added much more living Area to our home. Not to mention a much better Back yard view. We also have had a good experience with the Cardinal weekly chemical testing service. We have Never had a problem with our water. We thank you guys for your friendly service Throughout the process of the build and since. You guys have always been friendly to deal with-
Rich N - OKC
I would like to take a second to encourage you to use Cardinal Pools if you are looking for a company to build a swimming pool for you. My wife and I had looked at several different companies and listened to other people’s horror stories for over a year before we decided on Cardinal. To our relief we didn’t find any of those horrors that our friends had encountered while building a pool. The beginning of the process was pretty normal as the Sales / Designer came to our house to scope out the lay of the land and to give us some suggestions and point out some of the pitfalls of our yard. Everyone wants to think the pool will just slide right in the backyard with no issues or problems but that isn’t the case. They pointed out that our fence will need to have some panels pulled out in order to get the backhoe into our yard and we needed to re-route our sewer line and sprinkler system in order to have enough room for the pool. He helped us decide where the equipment should go and showed us the workable area for our yard. They then went to work getting easement information from the City and inspecting our backyard for any other pitfalls; while we went to work looking at the many samples of tile, plaster, coping, Sundek & equipment options.(Just my suggestion, start early making up your mind on these items so you don’t slow the process once they get started.) Once the process starts it is amazing to watch the crews work. They have a crew that comes out and goes to work!! There’s not a lot of downtime as these men know their roles and they go to it. The project Mgr. was always close by and kept us informed on what was done and what is coming next. He also helped us pick out things like plaster colors & Sundek. He brought many samples and even made arrangements to go see other pools so we could determine what the finished product would look like. He worked so hard to make sure that appointments were met and even suggested some reputable electricians to wire our equipment in. If you have the opportunity to watch this process from beginning to end I highly recommend you do so. You will see your yard go though a makeover that is breathtaking. Once the pool is done and it’s time to get started you are not left alone. Cardinal will help you learn how to put chemicals in the water and will actually balance your pool for you right off the bat. You will have some things to learn like how to vacuum the pool, clean the filters and skimmers. Don’t worry; it’s so easy anyone can do it. If you’ll allow me to, let me encourage you to include three things in your pool for sure: 1. Salt Water System 2. Polaris Pool Sweep 3. Sundek. The salt water will save you time and money. The polaris will almost eliminate vacuuming your pool. If you’ve ever burned your feet on raw concrete before you’ll know why you need the Sundek; it makes the concrete cool enough to walk on without shoes or slippers. “START EARLY”
1999-2008-Asking for a Pool-------"NO" 2008-First Vacation in 10 years-----"AMAZING" Finding Cardinal Pools.........."PRICELESS" Getting back from vacation & hearing, "We should get a Pool".......YEAH! So we started calling diffferent companies, going to their business', having them come out and look at the property. Want kind do we want? Then we went to Cardinal Pools, met with them and they came out to our home, measured the area where we wanted the pool. The designer was such a PLEASURE to work with, he seems to know exactly what you are wanting to accomplish for the pool area, he can make it happen. Then in 2 days he emailed us the drawing. We Loved it. We went to several pools they had done(I needed to see in person) and we were impressed with every one of them, and the customers were also. They got started within a week. They came out & installed the stakes for the dimension's of the pool. Then the backhoe guy's came & dug the hole.........& then you realize WOW! After meet the project manager....he takes care of all the crews and each step of the progress. And believe me he is VERY VERY PICKY! He gets involved with every aspect, he is constantly checking on every crew and is ALWAY'S on-site every time a different crew or another progress of the pool is taking shape. If he sees one tile a little off center....he tells the guy's FIX IT! We had Sundek installed around the pool and it is worth the minimal amount extra that it cost's. It was so nice to be able to stand or sit...YES SIT on the Sundek in very hot weather ..and not jumping around like you would be on concrete or a wooden deck. You could not ask for a better company than Cardinal. It's having the Trust & Quality that puts them way ahead & above all others. I highly recommend Cardinal Pools & the whole will not be disappointed.
S & S - Blanchard, OK